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How does Ivan Espinosa Films know what moments are important to you?

Your wedding is a very special day so we want you to have the best video and experience as possible.  It all starts from our first interaction together.  We want to get an idea of your wedding day, to see what you are looking for.   If you and I think the outcome is possible to reach an understanding we will happily start working with each other.  As the wedding gets closer we will be checking in to make sure everything is going as planned, and to see if we can offer any help.   With about a month left until your beautiful wedding day, we will send over a questionnaire with a few questions about your wedding.  These answers will provide me with critical details so we know the important parts of your wedding that we need to capture, that we can prepare properly and your wedding day will run smoothly with me being your videographer.  

How far in advance should we book your services?

Simple answer: as soon as possible! 

Long answer: Since we only take a limited number of weddings a year, our bookings get filled rather quickly. Most clients secure our services a year to a year and a half in advance. That being said, we still book dates within the same year. Contact us to see if we have your date available!

What do we do when we want to book?

Just shoot us an email at and let us know, your venue, wedding date and the package your interested in. If you have questions feel free to call or text 915-503-3060!


Does Ivan Espinosa Films Provide Photography?

Yes!!! I have an in house skilled photographer that I have shot multiple weddings with.  We work great together and we provide a discount rate if you book both of us.  Feel free to ask for samples, and i'll be happy to send some over to you.  

What if we already have a photographer?

No sweat we play nice with others. We love meeting and working with new creatives every week.

What if our wedding runs late?

We understand that stuff happens so we don't really charge for additional hours and we’ll stick it out to the end (within reason of course)

Do you charge extra for travel?

Just because Ivan Espinosa Films is based in West Texas (El Paso) videographer, it doesn't mean we don't travel.  We will travel just about anywhere. Slide into our DMs with details and we will let you know the potential cost (if any). No distance is too far. 

How long does it take to get our videos?

We totally understand that no one likes to sit around and wait for their wedding videos. So we like to get our edits done in 8 weeks or less, before all the excitement has worn off.  If you opted in for the wedding teaser, you will have that within a week of your wedding date.  

Do you use a drone?

Drones are one of many tools in our toolbox, if used properly they can be an extremely effective cinematic device but we don’t want to overdue it. We are  certified drone pilots with an FAA Part 107 license.  We will get great drone shots for you (weather permitting.) Obviously we can not fly near an airport or military base.

Can we pick the music?

We will gladly edit a version of the highlight with your favorite song but the big guys are really cracking down on copyright infringement. So unfortunately a video with your favorite song will likely be flagged and removed by major social media and video hosting websites. THE GOOD NEWS! We have a subscription to an awesome website with thousands of copyright free songs specifically designed for videos like yours.

Are you going to direct us in any way?

With our style, about 90% of the day is collected organically. We'll only direct you a handful of times, and certainly not during intimate moments. For example, I may ask that you stand near a window when getting ready for the best light or we'll have you hold hands and walk somewhere, hug & kiss, or do a cool fly over with a drone. It's very similar to taking photos, but with natural movements and less posing. Obtaining these cinematic shots increases the quality of your film dramatically and allows me to add a level of intimacy by eliminating distracting elements in the frame.

Why Choose Us?

Great question!  We have been shooting weddings for many years now and we are really passionate about it.  We really pay attention to detail and we try to get as much emotions on film as possible.  We shoot and edit all my videos ourselves, that way we know right from the beginning what style we need to make, what vibe the wedding had, and what shots looked good so we can include them in your  video, making you extremely happy with the final outcome.  Feel for to watch some of our past films so you can get an idea of my work.  

Let’s Work Together

Just fill in the contact form below and I will be in contact in a less than 30 min. Lets do this!

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